Registration and forms

Admission criteria CTO program

PhD candidates have to meet the admission criteria as formulated by the Graduate School of Life Sciences of Utrecht University. 

PhD candidates have to participate in (clinical) cancer-research projects carried out in, or associated with one of the departments of the UMC Utrecht, Faculty of Science/Biology (UU), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (UU) or the Hubrecht Laboratory. Minimum number of PhD years is two.

Registration CTO PhD program and MyPhD

Within one month after the start of their PhD project, all PhD candidates have to register at MyPhD (the earlier hardcopy of the TSA form is not necessary anymore, this form is included in MyPhD). In MyPhD you can choose the PhD program you would like to join.

Separately from registering in MyPhD the PhD student has to fill in the CTO registration form and send this to the secretariat of the CTO PhD program (this also can be done by email:, together with a course plan. Without this registration form/course plan the registration is not complete and/or definite!

Exemption and Admission to Doctoral Studies

Immediately upon approval of the training program, the PhD candidate has to request "Exemption and Admission to Doctoral Studies" (NL: "Verzoek tot ontheffing en toelating tot de promotie"). The request can be made via the following UU website:  Doctoral Programmes at University Utrecht


Monitoring is performed according to the procedures proposed by the GS-LS. The PhD candidate receives guidance on a regular basis by his/her supervisors. On a yearly basis the supervisors evaluates the progress of the research project and training program. The PhD candidate documents this yearly evaluation in a written report. The yearly report is sent to the program coordinator.


*Please only register for a course when the course is open for registration


PhD Retreat, only for CTO PhD students!

13 May 2022

Quotes PhD retreat 2020:

"The students are a remarkable bunch. They are intelligent and competent, grounded, and considerate of each other"

"Useful, interactive and a boost for the ‘research appetite’"

"I did not expected much of it, but I really had a blast with my peers. Great social boost for me"