PhD Retreat

13 May 2022, only for CTO PhD students!

Registration is closed!

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Translational Immuno Oncology course

21-22-23 November 2022

With this course we will bring a unique platform for students from 3 different PhD programs: Clinical  & Translational Oncology,  Infection and Immunity, Cancer Stem Cells & Development, to meet and learn from each other’s expertise.

The course will focus on Immuno-oncology, both on tumor effects on the immune system, and immune therapies. Both existing therapies, and novel therapies still under development or in trials will be discussed.

Students will be taught on the subject by medical specialists and scientists, and will be challenged to work with their colleagues from another expertise to find solutions for a clinical or experimental problem.

To promote an interactive setting, and knowledge exchange between students, we will accept a select group of students (max. 18).

Note: there are only 6 places for CTO PhD students/6 places for CS&D PhD students/ 6 places for I&I PhD students! Therefore students are requested to provide a motivation letter explaining why they will benefit from this specific course. Knowledge of basic immunological concepts is required. Please register with the link below and send a motivation letter separately to ctoncology@umcutrecht.nl.

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PhD Retreat, only for CTO PhD students!

13 May 2022

Quotes PhD retreat 2020:

"The students are a remarkable bunch. They are intelligent and competent, grounded, and considerate of each other"

"Useful, interactive and a boost for the ‘research appetite’"

"I did not expected much of it, but I really had a blast with my peers. Great social boost for me"